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Tensors is a non profit organization by the students of IIT Madras aiming to help the society. We take several social initiatives and organize social campaigns throughout the year. We generate our funds for these social events by conducting various exams and counselling programs for JEE and JoSAA.

Our values

What makes us who we are


Learn from the best sources, with enhanced user experience


Guidance and mentorship from the best minds of the country

Social Impact

Creating sustainable and impactful changes in society

Skill Development

Evolve and Upskill yourself

Enhance your JEE prospects by choosing Tensors Edu

An answer to all your JEE questions from exam preparation to branch counselling. We offer the following services

  • JEE Mock Test Series
  • JOSAA Counselling Support
  • JEE Mentorship Programme
  • Flagship Tensors Exam
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A mobile app that supports people in need

Decov is a mobile app designed and developed by the Tensors webops team as a part of its techno-social projects in partnership with calicut medical college hospital. It is structured in a way as to assist in blood, plasma, oxygen and food donations. Registered recipients are able to view nearest registered donors in the attached map. And can contact them using the contact details such as mobile number and location provided in the app. It efficiently connects the recipient and the recipee along with respecting the privacy and security of both.

A team is what makes an organization what it is

Tensors is a team that comprises of four teams under two directors. The public Relations team, has the responsibility to increase the publicity of the events of tensors. The tenment team conducts the events for students appearing for JEE like that of annual tensors exam, JOSAA counselling support etc.. The tensors social campaign initiatives (TenSCI) team bring in social project and work on them by providing technical assistance and the design team look after all the design works of tensors

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Directors Message

What our leaders say

"To build an ecosystem for change, where each individual adds value to themselves and the society simultaneously. That's what drove us towards Tensors."

-Anfas Nujum, Director

"No idea that has the potential to create an impact in our society should ever be disgarded due to poor funding or support. Tensors is our answer to that wish."

-Faseeh Ahmad, Director

Our Projects

The projects we've brought to life

Conducted a nation wide ideathon in association with IMA

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