About Us

Tensors is a social initiative aimed to tackle the problems existing in our society today. Our projects focus on the root causes and provides innovative solutions. We wish to be the change. Our Projects are funded by tensors. Our recent event De-Cov Ideathon, in association with Indian Medical Association,Kerala provided innovative solutions to the Pandemic Crisis.

We are a team of multidisciplinary and highly motivated students with a common dream of encouraging innovation for nation building. To create a platform for the brightest minds of the country to contribute towards Nation-building. We are currently working out of IIT Madras. Reach out to us, if your views allign with us!


How Tensors changed their Lives!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Tensors?

The paper setters are IITians who have already written and have fared well in the JEE. Most of the questions are think out of the box/ unconventional but keeping with JEE standards, the kind of problems you might face in actual JEE exam. Very few questions are directly taken out of study materials. You can also interact with IITians. Their personal experience during preparation might prove invaluable for your own studies. There is also the added advantage of competing with JEE aspirants all over Kerala and Tamil Nadu(Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem).

I haven’t finished my preparation, should I attempt?

We encourage even the +1 students to attempt the exam. They may not understand some of the topics in the test but will atleast get a flavour of time management needed during exam. Also the interactive session may be more useful to them because they have more time for improvement. Plus two students who haven’t yet covered the entire syllabus shouldn’t shy away from the test either. Perform the test with what you have already studied and improve on your weakpoints.

Who can apply?

Any science stream student thinking of appearing for JEE 2019 or JEE 2020 can and should attempt Tensors, although it will be more beneficial to the former.

I’m planning on attempting JEE Mains and undecided about JEE Advanced.

As stated above Tensors paper is prepared by IITians. The questions are unique and the interactive will probably be more useful for you than any single lecture hour!!! Also in a few years, when you come into IITM you might have to conduct the test yourself. That time you can’t ask others to write the test if you haven’t attempted the test yourself!!!


We the TENSORS team launches our Social Initiative Campaign by presenting our first project.

TENSORS team had given all technical support for the NCORE project, which is a fundraiser for the IMPRINTS initiative.

Imprints,with a touch of heart,is a humanitarian initiative of the student body of Calicut Medical College along with the Department of Pediatrics of Calicut Medical College. It was launched in 2012 to cater medical and financial needs of the economically poor kids suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, Wilson's Disease and Thalassemia and other diseases keeping their joyful childhood at bay. Since it's establishment Imprints has been a blessing for a large number of parents hammering away to find means to support their child fight their battle.

NCORE is an All India Online NEET Mock Test orchestrated by the student body of the prestigious Calicut Medical College. This is a fundraising initiative for Imprints,a charity organization run by the College Union and Department of Peadiatrics of the college for economically hassled children fighting against diseases like Type 1 Diabetes, Wilson's disease and Thalassemia.We seek your support for this event to help us continue our benevolent run with the children.