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Tensors is prepared by IITM students to simulate the JEE Mains and Advanced exam for their juniors. It not only helps in determining your weak topics, but also gives you a chance to compete with the top competitors. You are given the rare opportunity to interact with your peers and take pointers from them in the last leg of preparation.

2000+ JEE aspirants took the test last year across Kerala. Everyone in Top 50 Rank list cleared JEE Advanced 2017. Our statistical prediction of All India Ranks were 86% accurate for the top 50 candidates. Everyone in Top 30 are now studying at various IITs and IISc Bangalore. Last years statisctics stand testimony to its effectiveness.


How Tensors changed their Lives!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Tensors?

The paper setters are IITians who have already written and have fared well in the JEE. Most of the questions are think out of the box/ unconventional but keeping with JEE standards, the kind of problems you might face in actual JEE exam. Very few questions are directly taken out of study materials. You can also interact with IITians. Their personal experience during preparation might prove invaluable for your own studies. There is also the added advantage of competing with JEE aspirants all over Kerala.

I haven’t finished my preparation, should I ?

We encourage even the plus one students to attempt the exam. They may not understand some of the topics in the test but will atleast get a flavour of time management needed during exam. Also the interactive session may be more useful to them because they have more time for improvement. Plus two students who haven’t yet covered the entire syllabus shouldn’t shy away from the test either. Perform the test with what you have already studied and improve on your weakpoints.

Who can apply?

Any science stream student thinking of appearing for JEE 2018 or JEE 2019 can and should attempt Tensors, although it will be more beneficial to the former.

I’m planning on attempting JEE Mains and undecided about JEE Advanced.

As stated above Tensors paper is prepared by IITians. The questions are unique and the interactive will probably be more useful for you than any single lecture hour!!! Also in a few years, when you come into IITM you might have to conduct the test yourself. That time you can’t ask others to write the test if you haven’t attempted the test yourself!!!


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